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Feb 28, 2019

On today's podcast, Jesse is joined by Henrik Hemdrup.  Henrik shares his Springsteen story and how he blogged about the shows he attended during the Wrecking Ball tour in Europe.  And how he attended all ten nights of the Madison Garden 
Henrik @Joe_Roberts
Jesse @JesseJacksonDFW

Feb 27, 2019

Friend of the podcast and soon to be the newest Southgate Media Group Podcast host, Terry Smith hosts his own Best of 2018 Episode.
Please check it out and look for his new Music Talk podcast joining the SMG family soon.
Terry's Twitter - @Terryscrable

Feb 25, 2019

Jesse is joined by Ed Rakowski.  They talk a little sports and then turn to something they both agree about, Bruce.  Ed shares his Springsteen story and how it is a family affair in his house.  
Ed’s Twitter - @g_rakowski
Jesse’s Twitter @JesseJacksonDFW

Feb 19, 2019

In this week's episode, Jesse is joined by Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni aka DJ NIk.  DJ Nik is the host of the Whiskey and Cigarette Radio show.
He shares his music background and his love of country music. 
Jesse's Twitter - @JesseJacksonDFW
SetLustingBruce -...

Feb 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day from Set Lusting Bruce!
Jesse’s Twitter @jessejacksonDFW