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Mar 30, 2021

Russ Burlingame @russburlingame  returns to the podcast for some Springsteen quick hits and to talk about his Indiegogo project Best Movie Ever: A Totally Jerkin' Book

Mar 29, 2021

Shane Alger @algershane from Dublin Ireland is a musician, a gardener, and a Springsteen fan.  He joins Jesse today to share a few of his stories and his love of the Working on a Dream

Mar 26, 2021

Timothy Burger is a 2nd generation Springsteen fan.  He joins jesse to share his Bruce journey and to explain how loving Bruce is a family thing!  

Mar 25, 2021

Jim and Shaun O'Loughlin are father and son, as well as cohosts of the Your Not Listening podcast @ynlpodcast.  They share their musical stories and discuss their podcast goals in today's episode.   

Mar 23, 2021

Laura and Ines found each other via social media because of a mutual love of Bruce Springsteen music.  One in the US, one in Spain but together in their love of music and bonded by their friendship.