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Sep 30, 2022

Mark Hornok @markhornok and I spend some time talking about Bruce's sixth studio album, Nebraska.  We go track by track discussing them and we review them from a perspective of what we know now about his mental state writing the songs.  

Sep 29, 2022

Dr. Ariel Zinder joins me from Israel.  We talk about growing up in Israel, spending time in the US, learning Born to Run on a homemade cassette (backwards) and trying to convince his parents that he should go to see Bruce in concert instead of them because the music would be too 'loud."


Sep 28, 2022

Jason @VelvetRebel1984 spends his day working with Rock Memorabilia for the Hard Rock CafĂ©, he joins me to visit about how his love of music was born via MTV, his love of live music and some of his favorite stories about following the Cowboy Junkies. 

Sep 27, 2022

Paul Sokol drums in a heavy metal band, he supports small businesses with marketing advice, he has a charity that provides musical equipment to local music programs called Keep Children Rockin  He & I had a great conversation about music, caring for others and...

Sep 26, 2022

Ryan Pak @soundtrack_your and I joined forces and we recorded a crossover episode where he and I talked about the 2019 film Blinded by the Light and it's soundtrack. #iTunes