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May 19, 2017

As we continue to celebrate Born to Run Album week with a 2nd Jackson Cage Match episode.  Today Jesse is joined by Dale Hosak and they go right to the top.  They skip the many weeks of matches and go straight to the mother of all questions – Thunder Road or Born to Run!  Talk about an impossible choice!  However they do their best to pick one.  Let us know if we got it right or if we messed up totally. Please download and share with your friends.  If you could take a few minutes to go to iTunes or where ever you download the podcast and subscribe, plus leave the show a review, it would be greatly appreciated.  We would love for you to send in any feedback on favorite shows, stories, etc to or call us at 214-736-3121
Dale’s Twitter  @dhosack821
Jesse’s Twitter @JesseJacksonDFW