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Aug 10, 2017

In our second part of our Rockin’ the Suburbs double feature.  Today Jesse is joined by Jim Lenahan and Patrick Foster from the Rockin’ the Suburbs podcast.  The 3 of them pick their top 3 (after a lot of hand wringing) Bruce Springsteen pop songs.    Let us know how we did and what 3 songs would you have picked?  Please call the Set Lusting Bruce Voice Mail at 214-736-3121 and more importantly call the Suburban Party Line at 612-440-1984 and leave them a message telling them you heard about them from Set Lusting Bruce (that way they will have Jesse on their show again!) 
Their facebook page is
Show twitter – @suburbsPod
Jesse’s Twitter – @jessejacksonDFW
Show Twitter – @setlustingbruce