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Mar 31, 2022

Former guest Laura returns to catch up now that she is back in school & discusses the recent Blogness column Springsteen never ever have I.

Mar 29, 2022

Matthew Aucoin @matthew_Aucoinn returns to the podcast to give us an update on his musical journey and all that has happened after that magic night in Philly!  Please check out Matthew’s YouTube channel and his new original music.

Mar 24, 2022

Josh Meany @bossnocontext, joins Jesse to talk about his love of Bruce and how he has been able to pick up a couple of special souvenirs.  (The connection between Texas and Ireland was a little rough during recording, so the sound quality is not the best, but I wanted to share Josh’s story anyway)  

Mar 23, 2022

Scott Pattison @tilldecember from the band December joins Jesse to talk about the band and how Bruce and U2 helped inspire their musical journey.  They have released an amazing cover of the Springsteen classic No Surrender.  Find that here

Found out more about the band here -

Mar 21, 2022

Mackensi Crenshaw @mac_attack8881 is a very popular contributor on the Rockin' the Suburbs podcast. Jesse borrows her on today's episode & Mackensi discusses her Springsteen fandom.