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Nov 28, 2017

On Today's B-Side episode, Jesse is joined by singer songwriter and long time friend Sara Hickman to talk about David Cassidy. How his music and career helped shape her musical journey.  They also talk a little about Sara's own carreer and their long friendship.  We hope you enjoy the episode and please go to iTunes to rate and review the podcast.
Sara's Twitter - @sarahickman

Jesse's Twitter - @JesseJacksonDFW
Show's twitter - @SetLustingBruce

Kevin Kunreuther
four and a half years ago

I remember those four hour shows on Mondays at Club Dada!They were Springsteenish in length and enthusiasm!

Sara Hickman
four and a half years ago

Jesse! You just make me giddy to the core! Thanks for loving music as deeply as you do. I'm really honored I finally got to chat with you on your iconic podcast! :)