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Apr 28, 2022

UK Mark @mkd1973 returns to pick the Songs of Your Life, 11 questions, 11 Springsteen songs, no duplicates, we also talk about his & @travel_Cowboy new podcast Fix this Sh!t Rich

Mar 16, 2022

Joe Carbonara @1bossfan returns to discuss his songs of his life.  Eleven questions, eleven songs but no song can be repeated.  

Jan 20, 2022

Jon Hallett grew up next to Bruce's home town listening to Bruce's music.  He is one of the cohosts of The Count Rockula Podcast, @TheCountRockula  In the 2nd of 2 episodes he talks about the podcast and answers the Mary Question.  

Jan 6, 2022

Carlo Motta @cmotta84 is a Springsteen fan from Italy and he joins Jesse to discuss his Springsteen fandom.  He shares how the Ghost of Tom Joad was the album that first hooked him on Bruce and from his young perspective, he thought Bruce was a Country singer.  The connection between Italy and Dallas Texas was a little...

Nov 14, 2021

Mark Dempsey @mkd1973 returns to share more @springsteen fandom stories, including traveling to New Jersey as a Student and a very unique experience of hearing the Band perform Incident on 57th street because of interesting circumstances #NaPodPoMo