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May 30, 2017

There was a party happening in the Wonderbar on Sunday 5/21 where over 200 hundred Spring-Nuts got together from across the world to share some laughter, some tears, a lot of music and many, many hugs.  Here is an episode with Amy, Howie and Julie sharing some of their special moments of the weekend.
Next year, I will be there!

The 100th episode of Set Lusting Bruce is happening soon.  I would love for you to send a voice mail congratulating the podcast and/or some comments about the podcast on my skype voice mail.  Call 214-736-3121 or email me an mp3 file.   Thanks

Jeannie Fino
over five years ago

Great podcast! Talk about feel-good stories! Spring-Nuts know how to party and celebrate love, unity and a beautiful community of fans. As usual, Jesse Jackson, you let the love pour out and for that I thank you!