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Sep 26, 2020

One of Jesse's other podcasts is "How Many" where he and some friends discuss pop culture topics.  Here is another episode of a series of episodes where the guys pick the "bands of their life." 

The boy's favorite Sports Talk Station The Ticket has a segment each week where they have a guest pick the bands of their life.  Eleven Questions and you can only use an artist/band once.   In this episode, Junior shares his list. 

  1. Band I hate (I don’t get)
  2. Band that I think is overrated
  3. Band that is under appreciated
  4. Band that I love
  5. Band that you can listen to over and over again
  6. Band that made me fall in love with music
  7. Band that changed my life
  8. Band the surprised me
  9. Guilty Pleasure
  10. Band I should have seen live by now
  11. Great Band to see live