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Jun 3, 2021

Jesse gives a short update on post-surgery, his current diet and talks about recording plans for the podcast

Jun 2, 2021

Amanda Lehr @am_Lehr is a clever and entertaining writer.  She joins the podcast to talk about her Springsteen fandom, her love of writing and is there a difference between the Master of Horror and The Boss? 

Jun 1, 2021

Terry Smith @musictalks joins Jesse in their monthly (ish) discussion about the latest official archive release from Bruce's past live gigs.  Today's discussion is the other band and a Christmas show in 1992!


May 28, 2021

Before Jesse headed to surgery, he sat down with Terry Smith to share a little behind the scenes of what's going on with him health wise.  To follow future updates go to Carring Bride  and to support the show financially go to his Go Fund Me campaign.

May 27, 2021

Tammy Collier @realtammy365 returns to the podcast, we talk about Letter to you, surviving COVID and a few other general topics.  Then she shares highlights from her BRUCE CX talk that she has given to multiple business audiences.  Springsteen and Customer Experience – who knew?