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Nov 18, 2020

Jason Harris @jharriscomedy is the co-host of the Awesome Movie Year Podcast @awesomemoviepod.  He is a filmmaker, comedian, actor, writer, and long time Springsteen fan.  He joins Jesse to talk about his podcast and his Springsteen fandom.

Nov 12, 2020

Ande Parks @andeparks is a gifted comic book inker & writer that has worked on Green Arrow, Nightwing & the Lone Ranger.  He shares his Springsteen journey & why he thought he was cursed & would never see Bruce perform live.

Nov 10, 2020

Macreena Doyle joins Jesse on the podcast to talk about her musical fandom of Bruce as well as Clint Black.  She shares stories about the music, different shows & of course the Mary Question.

Macreena twitter @MacDNY

Nov 6, 2020

Gabriel Bergmoser @gobergmoser returns to the podcast to discuss life under the pandemic in Malborne, his latest writing & the new Springsteen release Letter to You.  You can find links to Gabriel’s writing at his website

Nov 5, 2020

Crystal Vasquez @CrystalDFW just finished her first documentary & her subject is a long-time DFW radio icon Mike “the ole grey wolf” Rhyner.  The film goes into his Dallas roots, his time at the legendary Rock Station The Zoo & his efforts to bring full time Sports Talk Radio to the DFW area.  The film can be found...